How it all started…

Since I got my first motorbike, I’ve always been looking for the perfect biker jacket for women. Unfortunately I haven’t found what I was looking for since I could only find either the cliche rockergirl style or bulky functional jackets. Nothing for me! As a fashion designer, I am driven by the ambition to design a jacket that is chic, practical and functional and not forgetting protective clothing.
My aim was to develope a moto jacket especially for cruising or racing ladies, which suits the female body and looks different. When I started this project, it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to show a strong reference to my Austrian roots. Therefore I have chosen to work with traditional Austrian Loden with all its positive characteristics. To guarantee the protection, safety and high quality of the jackets, I work together with a company specialized on motorcycle racing gear.
My idea is to grow and prosper in a calm elaborate way. Chakkaboom starts with a small range of T-shirts and the womens jacket in two versions.